Wednesday, 6 May 2020


As Chair, I’m very proud to announce the launch of our fundraising project: Lunch with LEAPS!

I remember in my interview with our former Chair and LEAPS Founder over three years ago, they discussed LEAPS ultimate goal of one day setting up some sort of food bank for the people in need in our local area of North Tyneside. Since that day in April 2017, I’ve wanted to make that dream a reality and with your help, maybe we can do something similar…

LEAPS – from Day One (in 2009) - has been about helping others. The group specifically supports those who are unwaged no matter why they are in that position – whether it be through physical disability, mental illness, retirement, redundancy… We don’t discriminate or hold judgement against anyone. With that in mind, LEAPS is always wanting to help more and more people, so it seemed logical to launch a project to do just that…

The idea of Lunch with LEAPS is to provide a packed lunch for those in need (namely people accessing food banks or those who have no fixed abode) in our local area. In this packed lunch there’ll also be a list of food and drinks that are within a specific amount of money according to the state benefit budgets a lot of unwaged people are entitled to. 

The hope with this project is that the lunch will not only provide sustenance in that moment, but that the list will then encourage the person to take some sense of independence in continuing to manage their diet according to their budgetary needs. We’d also like to take the opportunity to spread the word about LEAPS so that more people can access the support we offer.

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